“The mediocre demonstrator tells. The good demonstrator explains. The superior demonstrator shows. The great demonstrator inspires.”

William Arthur Ward

Hello Fellow Floral Designer

Do you remember being in the audience of a floral design demonstration and thinking – I could do that.

Being on stage and under lights, though, is very different to putting together designs for a competition or display. 

Now the focus is on you and what you are saying as much as the design you create for your demonstration. 

Floral Design Demonstrating Is Hard

What happens when it is your turn to be in the limelight? Do words fail you, do your hands tremble and do the flowers misbehave?

I was exactly the same.

Even after 37 years of speaking in public and teaching others how to present their work, I stumbled over ordinary words, I forgot the names of the plant material I was using and …..of course…..the design wouldn’t stay the way I had practised it beforehand.

Sound familiar?

You Know How to Talk In Front of Others – Why Is A Floral Design Demonstration Different?

It’s different because you are doing at least two things at once.

You are constructing your design, you are talking through the parts of your construction all at the same time as explaining the techniques and plant material choices in a way that engages, interests and inspires your audience. 

In effect you are a diamond in the rough in the floral design world. With a little bit of polishing and shaping you can be a valuable gem.

But you don’t need to spend your precious time trying to find out HOW you can polish up your demonstration skills, you just need to know WHO can help you do this.

Whether you are a passionate hobbyist or a professional designer looking to make your mark in the floral design world, this approach is designed specifically for floral design and floral art demonstrators.  

The focus is on what methods will work for you – not a generic public speaking approach without any recognition of your personal style or the demands of a floral design demonstration.

Does It Ever Get Easier To Be In Front Of An Audience?

It doesn’t get easier BUT with polish you get more confident. 

With that confidence comes the ability to share more of you and your skills with your audience. 

Your floral design demonstrations just get better.

How You Can Be A Great Floral Design Demonstrator

My highly successful 7 step approach is not just about speaking well. 

For floral art demonstrators, these 7 steps not only incorporate the physical requirements of a floral design demonstration but also the inspirational and teaching elements of the demonstration.

It is coaching specifically designed for you.

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Kim Baillie Floral Art

Career professional or passionate hobbyist, first demonstration or years of experience – if you want to be the best, it’s never too late.

1. “Wish it had been around when I first started bumbling along. Definitely using it to update my methods.”


2. “Inspiring and brilliant advice – Thank-you Kim”


3. “Incredible work and attention to detail. This is really needed.”


One Small Thing You Can Do Right Now To Make Your Demonstrations More Powerful For Your Audience And Easier For You.

Breathing Strong Exercise

1. Standing upright, place your hands against your rib cage with your fingertips just touching. 

2. Breathe in slowly and deeply so that your fingers are forced apart. Hold your breath for as long as you can comfortably then breathe out slowly and evenly.

Try this about 20 times a day – whenever you need a break rather than all at once. We want it to become second nature as a breathing method rather than an exercise regime. 

When you begin to notice an improvement in the time it takes you to breathe out, start counting the time it takes to actually breathe out. You can start by counting to five and gradually extend the counting until you get to 20 without feeling too much discomfort. 

Now you have developed a breathing pattern to use when you are demonstrating. It will make your voice stronger and ease your nerves

Get Started Now . Click here to get your free copy of the 7 Steps Guide

I wish you every success with your next floral design demonstration

Kim Baillie 

Floral Art Presentations Coach

Kim Baillie Floral Art Presentations Coach